The power of an ant

Good morning! 

Today my husband and I will be traveling for the first time since I was diagnosed. We’re headed to Nashville to visit my family and celebrate our 4th anniversary. 

As we were sitting in the terminal awaiting boarding I noticed a small piece of oat on the ground. As I was looking at it the oat piece started to move. A tiny pair of ants were working so hard to take the oat home. 

It made me think, how long will they have to work to get this one piece of oat back to their home? How tirelessly are they working to provide for their family? 

Some days I feel and felt like that piece of oat. On my own I was unable to go anywhere or help myself. On these days my mom and husband diligently carry/carried me along. They work/worked tirelessly to get me to survivorship. Two team mates who helped carry me when I barely had energy to stand. I couldn’t imagine my fight without them... I just don’t think I would’ve made it this far if they hadn’t helped carry me. 

To my dream team: I love you more than you will ever comprehend. 

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Ants always amazed me carrying pieces of food. I've also seen them carrying each other. They are roll models.

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